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Monday, October 24, 2005

Top Ten Reasons why Saddam Might Go Free

From Riding Sun, here they are:

10. Executive privilege
9. Statute of limitations on genocide expired last Tuesday
8. Not enough homicidal dictators left in the world to serve as a jury of his peers
7. Arranged to have lead prosecutor replaced with Marcia Clark
6. Plans to pack courtroom with Saddam look-alikes, hope witnesses can't pick him out
5. Whole thing was one big Mossad plot
4. Cop who wrote the ticket might not show up in court
3. Dan Rather is reporting he's guilty
2. Thought he dropped laughing gas on Kurds to cheer them up; tragic mistake led to disaster
1. Twinkie defense

How about:

:: Oil-for-food bribery so widespread that majority of judges are on the take.
:: Has too important a job to do as President of Iraq.
:: Plans to blame Michael Brown for not sending FEMA to rescue Marsh Arabs.
:: Will win tiebreaker round of rock-paper-scissors to win freedom.
:: Will claim to be Santa Claus; how will the judges tell their grandkids that they're going to kill Santa Claus?


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