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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dangerous to your health!

In the Wall Street Journal today, Stephen Moore makes a good point: where are the lawsuits against Ben and Jerry's?

Most of my fellow tourists are a bit on the chubby side, and a few start wheezing as we climb the half-flight of stairs to the observation area. These folks need another scoop of Cherry Garcia like a hole in the head. Although this company touts its "wholesome and natural ingredients mixed with euphoric concoctions," the truth is that Ben & Jerry's ice cream mostly contains two hazardous ingredients: fatty cream and sugar.

Herein lies a second irony: This product is probably about as good for your health as a pack of Camel cigarettes--and at least cigarettes carry the Surgeon General's warning labels. At Ben & Jerry's, the saying goes "if you can't eat a whole pint . . . in one sitting, you aren't really trying." But if you do, you might as well be injecting your arteries with Elmer's glue. And they have no qualms about marketing this dangerous product to children. If you want to know the definition of a liberal's dilemma, just wait till the trial lawyers slap Ben & Jerry's with a billion-dollar

There are, of course, double standards involved here. On a similar note, I've been waiting for the Center for Science in the Public Interest to do a report on soul food for over a decade. Chitlins, greens cooked in bacon grease, and red velvet cake are surely as unhealthy as the fettucine alfredo, cappucino, and sandwiches they've opposed in the past.


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