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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Carnival is Coming!

Just missing the sesquicentennial edition, the 151st edition of Carnival of the Vanities will be hosted right here on August 10!

Submission rules are the same as always. Any post you want to highlight is fair game, and anything submitted by Tuesday night will be included. No editorial comments will be added (unless it's praise.) Early submissions will be greatly appreciated. Finally, when the Carnival is released, link to it and enjoy the broad selection of talent from the blogosphere.

Include the normal information:
(1) Your name or alias
(2) Your blog's name
(3) Your blog's URL
(4) The name of your post
(5) The permalink to your post
(6) The trackback URL to your post (if applicable)
(7) A brief description of your post
(8) If desired, use the classification system established by Ferdy (Culture, current events, humor, politics, etc.)

Send an e-mail to reylance (at) aol (dot) com or use the handy submission form at The Conservative Cat.


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