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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Vacation update

I'm in Copenhagen (extraneous keys on this keyboard: æøåÆØÅ) after spending several days in London. The weather has been beautiful so far. At the hotel, there's a computer with free Internet access. So here I am!

What I like so far:

Red, Yellow, Go!: When the stoplight is red, the yellow and red lights will shine briefly before the light turns green. In America, I need to watch the lights going the other way before knowing when to gun the engine.

Light: When it's still twilight at midnight, that's a wonderful thing.

Subway: The London Underground is wonderful, except for the lack of air conditioning.

Cafes: Streetside seating is abundant, and wonderful (at least this time of year).

What I don't like so far:

White Stripes: No, nothing against Jack and Meg White. It's that all stripes on the road are white. I prefer the yellow stripes being used to indicate the side of the road and the border between opposing lanes of traffic. It makes it much easier to see whether a road is one way or not.

Street signs: How hard is it to put a single sign post with two signs indicating the intersecting streets? Apparently, too hard for other nations.

Lack of air conditioning: I don't care how mild you think your climate is. Air conditioning makes it more comfortable!


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