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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mr. Clean?

E. J. Dionne writes the following:

If the Republicans' ethics problems worsen, McCain's Mr. Clean image will look ever more attractive to Republican members of Congress desperate to hold power.

What? Mr. Clean? This senator was one of the Keating Five, the only Republican among a group of senators accused of pressuring the head of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board to ease up on the investigation of Charles H. Keating, Jr., head of the collapsed Lincoln Savings and Loan Association. Granted, he and John Glenn weren't ruled to be part of the influence-peddling scheme, but being a part of a major scandal isn't what I'd call Mr. Clean.

It may not be a topic of casual conversation, fifteen years after it happened, but I guarantee the Keating Five will be on the mainstream media's reports if McCain were to be the Republican candidate for president in 2008.


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