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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Travel musings

Having spent most of today on the road, driving alone, I had a lot of time to think. Random musings:

Driving 18 hours round trip for Saturday and Sunday events scheduled to last 16 hours doesn't seem like a very efficient use of time.

It's just not possible to drive as fast in the mountains as it is in Indiana.

It's just wrong to see fresh snowfall and snow flurries in April. Yet I saw those driving today. In other words, I'm glad not to live at high altitudes.

I barely managed to avoid my first $30 tank of gas twice this weekend.

Nine hours, only two stops. Impressive.

A long car trip means a chance to listen to lots of CDs. I grabbed some older CDs out of the CaseLogic storage folders. I still like them. There aren't many CDs I've regretted purchasing.

Getting fast food Chinese at the gas station mart at 8:30 Sunday night isn't a good idea.


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