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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Daylight Savings Time, maybe for real this time?

Hoosiers would change their clocks on June 5 in observance of Daylight
Saving Time under legislation approved today by a House committee.

Senate Bill 127, which is no longer a bill about raising speed limits, could be voted on by the full House as early as Tuesday.

The House Public Policy and Veterans Affairs committee voted 8-4 in favor of the measure, signaling broad support in the House for switching Hoosier clocks.

Today's committee approval clears a giant hurdle for legislative leaders and Gov. Mitch Daniels, who were trying to figure out how to revive Daylight Saving Time while complying with legislative rules. Daylight Saving Time was one of the 130 proposals that stalled earlier this month when Democrats walked off in protest of other issues.

Let me reiterate that the only reason for this worry about "complying with legislative rules" was because Democrats walked off the job... and didn't even return their salary and expenses for those days when they refused to work.

I travel enough that I think I've been in another state every first Sunday in April and every last Sunday in October for the last 4 years. So, adjusting clocks will be nothing new for me.

And here's something unusual about this controversy. People may say they don't want to change their clocks twice a year. Yet under the current system, I already have to adjust two sets of clocks! My VCRs can be set to automatically adjust to Daylight Savings Time; however, they cannot adjust to the fact that the show starting at 10 PM on a cable network suddenly starts at 9 PM come April.


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