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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Double Standards

There's a new development in the University of North Carolina's battle against a Christian fraternity that wants to ensure its leadership shares Christian values. It's a typical battle between the desire for equality and the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of association. A court ordered the fraternity to be temporarily reinstated.

The interesting quote from the article indicates that had UNC not implemented a double standard, this wouldn't have happened.

Lawyers for the fraternity were unable to reach an agreement with the University by the Feb. 28 deadline, and Bullock issued a temporary reinstatement of the fraternity, citing that the University's policy restricts AIO's First Amendment rights while other UNC organizations are allowed to decide membership on the basis of political or other beliefs.

If the College Republicans and College Democrats are allowed to restrict their leadership to members of those parties, then other organizations shouldn't be treated differently. Many problems could be avoided if people would recognize these obvious double standards.


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