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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"I draw my +2 shank and move into the flank...."

An unusual court case upheld a Wisconsin prison's ban on inmates playing Dungeons & Dragons. Not surprisingly, the case got mention on several forums with a high geek population, but also received comment at The Volokh Conspiracy (linked above). Apparently, Ilya Somin doesn't mind letting his freak flag show.

The prison policy is a pretty stupid decision, with rather idiotic justification. It leads to gang activity? Really? A cynic might point out that religion is misused as a justification for the racist thoughts behind actual gangs in prison; should we ban chaplains as well as Dungeon Masters?

I'd be happy if prisoners were both physically tired from hard labor and mentally tired from receiving an education that they would have no interest in playing D&D.

And a note to any prison wardens who might read this: The fact that this policy is receiving international attention doesn't mean people think it's a good idea.

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