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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Useful Idiots

The February 23 issue of Billboard magazine (a magazine that sadly isn't available online) featured an editorial by Leila Cabo on Hugo Chavez and artists' rights. You may remember that the anti-American Chavez has been feted by many of the left-wing extremists in Hollywood, and they've visited Venezuela at the dictator's invitation.

Cabo wrote her editorial following recent events in Venezuela. Spanish superstar Alejandro Sanz was scheduled to play there. But it seems he made a couple of comments around the time of the recall petition (which Chavez survived only through a fraudulent election):

"I wouldn't sing if 3 million people asked me not to."

When asked specifically if he liked Chavez, he continued.

"No. But I don't like many other presidents either, including my own."

Chavez remembered these comments, and Sanz was prohibited from performing in Venezuela recently.

Think back to the reaction when individuals reacted negatively to the Dixie Chicks' comments about President Bush. It was wrong for them to express their disapproval by not buying the album, and asking radio stations not to play their music. But here is an example of the government prohibiting an artist from playing.

All those Hollywood supporters of Chavez? The term useful idiots still applies.



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