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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Veganism kills!

“Vegan diets are not bloodless diets,” Davis said. “Millions of animals die
every year to provide products used in vegan diets.” […]

Few studies document the losses of rabbits, mice, pheasants, snakes and other field animals in planting and harvesting crops. Said one researcher: “Because most of these animals have been seen as expendable, or not seen at all, few scientific studies have been done measuring agriculture’s effects on their populations.”

Davis has found evidence that suggests that the unseen losses of field animals are very high. One study documented that a single operation, mowing alfalfa, caused a 50 percent reduction in the gray-tailed vole population. Mortality rates increase with every pass of the tractor to plow, plant, and harvest. Additions of herbicides and pesticides cause additional harm to animals of the field.

Very interesting; I had never thought about it that way, but animals will die, even producing foods for a vegan diet.

On the other hand, human presence probably scares away predators, so prey species may be more likely to survive. Our presence has both positive and negative effects. I'm not going to worry about it. As long as people aren't being deliberately cruel to animals, killing them for no reason, I don't care.

I personally believe that humans, who biologically are omnivores, should be able to eat any combination of plant and animal material. It's just part of the natural order, as illustrated below.

(Via Gay Orbit)


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