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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Check out this Golden Book Classic!

Here's a children's classic, "Tookie the Ducky Beats the Rap," penned by Anthony Williams. Iowahawk is kind enough to reprint it.

Once upon a time, down a bright sunny alley behind a magical cottage in a
faraway kingdom called Compton, lived a little quacky ducky named Tookie. Tookie was brave and strong and all of the other duckies knew to respect him, because otherwise Tookie and his friend Sammy Sawed-Off would mess you up bad, understand?

There's a Canadian terrorist reference, too!

He dreamed of freedom and payback for that ******* ***** Blackie, who had flown up north and was serving time for capping some Canadian geese.

(Via Patterico)


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