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Thursday, July 21, 2005

I never thought I'd get this album....

While listening to the music program on a plane, I heard a song I liked very much, so much that I wanted to find it when I got home. I wrote down the lyrics to the chorus:

It's not the way that I want it
It's just the way that I need it
Day after day

Before I got around to looking up the song, I saw that synthpop label/retailer A Different Drum was stocking the latest single and album from Kelly Osbourne, because their style was very 80's synth-driven. So I listened to the album on AOL, and what do you know? That song I liked was the Kelly Osbourne single One Word. It was described as similar to Fade to Grey by Visage, which was an accurate description. (Another song reminds me, of all things, of Ministry's Effigy (I'm Not A...))

So I picked up the album, and like it a lot. If you had asked me, when Kelly Osbourne started her recording career with a cover of Papa Don't Preach, if I thought I'd ever have one of her albums, I'd have laughed. But I'm not going to argue with this new style of hers.

The album is largely the work of Linda Perry, who is everywhere these days. She's a great surprise of the music industry. Certainly, back in 1993, I didn't think the lead singer of one-hit wonder 4 Non Blondes would surface again, certainly not as a top producer.


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