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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Is voter ID needed?

Some people (suspiciously all Democrats) say that requiring a photo ID to vote isn't necessary, that no one would try to steal votes, especially in a place like Indiana.

Think again.

Andrea Neal's latest column quotes someone with more experience monitoring elections than you or I, former sheriff Kelly Bachman of South Bend. Her experience:

"Having served as a sheriff during the election years of 1998-2000, I have first-hand experience with probable voter fraud," she said. "Especially during the 2000 election. Because we couldn't ask for an ID, I was unable to act upon my suspicions when a voter would have to ask the guy next to him, 'Now what is my name again?' or another says, 'Now my address is such-and-such, right?' It was pitiful."

Remember, an illegal vote is like someone putting a gun to your head and preventing you from voting.


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