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Friday, October 01, 2004

So where was I?

I went to a local club to see the Cr├╝xshadows in concert. This is a band whose music I first heard by chance. At Dragon*Con one year, I was walking through the Hyatt and heard some cool-sounding music playing from a booth. I listened, picked up a CD, and liked it. This year at Dragon*Con, I caught the end of a concert they did. However, the acoustics in the ballroom/meeting room were so bad, I couldn't recognize any of the songs.

The local show was sparsely attended, with maybe 100 people at the club, not a surprising number. There were no problems with the sound system here. Lead singer Rogue was using a headset microphone, allowing him to roam through the crowd while singing, which the crowd appreciated. On stage were the other members of the band (the violinist, the keyboardist, and the guitarist), along with two women billed as dancers/backing singers. They were much appreciated visually, with great hair in all-natural colors (provided you were living in anime), bright red and pink. However, the only backing vocals I could hear were from the keyboardist.

Prior to the show, I spied Rogue doing his hair, which led me to wonder--is hairspray is a tax-deductible business expense?

Hungry Lucy, who I had only heard from one song on the State of Synthpop album, performed a generous 11-song opening set, with a strong focus on their forthcoming album. I picked up a double CD for $10, and will certainly consider future purposes.

The club had video screens showing the movie A Clockwork Orange, no sound, but with the closed captioning on. I hadn't seen that movie in 10 years.

This is an example of real diversity, much more than a bunch of students at an elite university, all from a privileged background, who happen to have differing skin pigmentation. How often do you see a discussion of a Goth band on a conservative weblog?


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