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Saturday, September 18, 2004


Two years ago, Wizards of the Coast announced a contest sure to attract attention: design a new world for the Dungeons and Dragons game, with a $100,000 prize. That world is Eberron. From what I've seen, it looks interesting. I ran some games at Gen Con set in the world, but the details of the world really weren't the focus. There should be a new campaign starting in January.

I heard second-hand about another game company complaining about the political struggles in Eberron being a little too close to their own campaign world. But on the other hand, I see similarities (the development of magic as an analog to technology) between Eberron and the world I've worked on for years. That world is almost entirely in my head, so I know it's just a case of great minds thinking alike. (Although I didn't get $100k, alas. Yes, I submitted an entry, but it wasn't this world, since I thought it wasn't distinct enough. Anyway, I knew my entry wasn't very good, so I was not surprised to be among the thousands of losers.)


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